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Dog Training

"Hints and Tips for a Happy Christmas"

As the build up to Christmas begins, do not forget to include your dog in your plans.

Christmas food and decorations can hold many hazards for your dog.

Here are a few reminders:

Decorations: Sparkly decorations such as tinsel, can be very interesting! If eaten they can damage or even block intestines.

Plants: Lilies, holly mistletoe and poinsettia are all poisonous to pets. Some Christmas trees can also be toxic and pine needles can easily get suck in paws.

Chocolate, Grapes and Raisins are all poisonous to dogs. Dogs have been known to break into chocolates and even eat the wrappers too. Avoid chocolates hung on the tree. If you suspect that one of your gifts may contain chocolate we advise not to leave it under the tree.

Turkey skin is very high in fat and can cause diarrhea. Also be sure not to give your dog any turkey bones as they can easily splinter, causing a lot of damage.

Small toys: Parts from party poppers and crackers can all be hazardous if eaten by your dog. Do also keep an eye on all electrical cables for signs of chewing, especially if you have a puppy.

Dog toys: Do check all instructions on your dog's Christmas presents, most toys are not suitable to be left with unattended dogs.

Dog Food: Do make sure that you stock up on dog food and any medication that your dog is on.

Fireworks: Do remember to be prepared for New Year Fireworks. If you have a puppy plan to be at home with them. Do ask for a copy of our firework code for helpful advise about fireworks.

Parties: If you are planning to have a party it may easier to put your dog in to boarding kennels or arrange for him to stay over at a friend or family members house. You can set up a 'no go' room where you can leave your dog to settle away from the hustle and bustle of the party. Do make sure your dog is wearing a collar and tag just in case the door is left open and they escape. Many dogs enjoy the chance to meet guests and have some extra attention. If your dog is joining the party it is a good idea to reduce his evening meal to make space for all the tit-bits that they are likely to receive.

Some dogs enjoy the excitement of the build up to Christmas with the furniture being moved to accommodate the Christmas tree and the change in routine as the children break up from school. However for some this can be a stressful and anxious time. Do NOT let your dog suffer, do speak to one of the trainers or your veterinary surgeon about using one of many of the products available to help in these situations.

Do have a Very Merry Christmas and we all wish you a Happy New Year