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Ace Pet

Dog Training

One to One Services

One to One Training & Behavioural Advice

Group classes are not appropriate for all dogs, especially if they suffer from problems such as:

-Aggression towards other dogs

-Fear or nervousness of other dogs

-Fear or nervousness of people

-Separation problems

-Noise phobias

-Excessive barking

A behaviour consult is necessary for these problems, this involves a visit to your home to assess your dog and observe the problem behaviour. We then devise an appropriate program of training and behaviour modification.

All behavioural cases need to be referred by a Veterinary Surgeon to eliminate any medical problems.

The consultation normally takes 2-2.5 hours as a full history needs to be taken. After the visit you will receive a written report detailing the program discussed at the consultation. Follow up support will be arranged either by phone , email or in person.

Behaviour modification is seldom quick and requires work and dedication from the owner. Be prepared to put time and effort into the program.

To discuss whether a behaviour consult is appropriate for you and your dog please email Janice.

One to one sessions also apply to dogs with training issues such as:

- Poor Recall

- Pulling on the lead

- Jumping up

- Settling

- House Soiling

- Chewing

- Improving manners

Or may suit families that cant attend evening classes.