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Ace Pet

Dog Training

Training Classes

Our aim is for you and your dog to have fun whilst learning important life skills.

Classes take place on Monday and Thursday evenings at St Andrews Church Center, Fairfield, Evesham.

Please contact us to discuss which class is most suitable.

All classes are run over a course of six weeks ,they include Puppy, Junior, Adult and Advanced. You will be given the opportunity to work towards The Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards in all classes.

We limit class numbers to ensure a stress free environment for the dogs, and so owners get plenty of one to one time with trainers.

Puppies can attend class once they have completed their primary course of vaccinations, we welcome dogs and owners of all ages and ability.

Over 6 weeks we will take you through our carefully designed programme to include all basics of obedience, giving you a good foundation to training your dog.

* Positions - Sit, Down and Stand

* Loose lead Walking

* Recall - adding in distractions throughout

* Socialisation

* Handling & Grooming Techniques

* Settle - learning to lie quietly whilst out and about. Great for those summer pub lunches.

* Wait / Stay

* Play biting and much more

We abide by the code of conduct of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers, so ask for NO choke chains or slip leads to be used. Do bring along a toy and plenty of small tasty treats as we use lots of praise, rewards and play.

A Trained Dog is a Happy Dog